Before and After Gallery

Commercial Cleaning

We were called to assist a large commercial print shop who experienced a press fire. The fire was suppressed with 14 fire extinguishers. It was a busy time of year for the business and shutting down during cleaning was not an option. We had to act fast because fire extinguisher dust is extremely corrosive and would damage the multimillion dollar printing machines. We developed a plan to work in three shifts utilizing aerial lifts to work over machinery without the need to shut it down. The project took three days working around-the-clock to clean all the structures, all the machines, all the air handling equipment and more. The customer was very pleased and was able to run his equipment uninterrupted during our work.


Golden Valley Restoration

This home was significantly damaged by an electrical fire during a December night. The home was built in the late 60s and required extensive repairs as well as significant updating. We worked with the owner and a designer to establish a reconstruction/remodeling plan that would transform the house into a low-maintenance, contemporary home. This started with removing the damaged flat roof and designing/installing a conventional sloped roof. Beyond that we remodeled the layout of the entire home and removed unnecessary partitions to create a beautiful open floor plan. This family truly grasped the silver lining within their hardship and are extremely pleased with the results.


Greenfield Home

This fire occurred during the early morning hours due to a malfunctioning vehicle parked in the attached garage. The family awoke to the smell of smoke and the sound of alarms. Everyone made it out unharmed but their home sustained catastrophic damages due to the intensity of the fire and strong winds. The homeowner was a carpenter who was building his dream home and was nearly 90% done. We were able to repair all the damages and restore 100% of the value back into their dream home.



New Hope Remediation

In the winter of 2013, we were contracted by the City of New Hope to mitigate water damage in their Public Works Offices. The building maintenance staff had taken good care of the standing water before we arrived but the managers were concerned with the possibility of mold. These managers were correct in their concerns.  Because of the density of the paper there were no obvious signs of the problem until the paper was pulled back. We brought in a mold remediation expert who worked with city inspectors to propose and implement a remediation plan that would control exposure to the office staff while allowing them to still operate during our work. The project was completed on time and on budget with minimal disturbance to the workflow of the staff.



Plymouth Lightning Strike

This is some before and afters of a Plymouth, MN Lighning Strike Repair. This project invovled Sara Carstens from Adler Allen Design.



Richfield Fire

This family had a fire in their upstairs bathroom due to a plumbing accident. The family needed more room upstairs so we brought in our favorite architect Carl Gramentz ( and worked with the city to add a FULL 2nd story that doesn’t loose the charm. Another amazing transformation by our talented carpenters.