Our Team


Richard Lindstrom
Richard Lindstrom
Chief Executive Officer – 2nd Generation
Over sixty years ago Dr. Lindstrom’s father, Carl Lindstrom, began a small cleaning company that eventually grew into what we know today as Lindstrom Restoration. Over 20 years ago Dr. Lindstrom became the Chairman and CEO of Lindstrom Restoration. As an internationally recognized ophthalmologist, Dr. Lindstrom continues to be involved in guiding the management team towards success.


Mike Lindstrom
Mike Lindstrom
President – 3rd Generation
Mike Lindstrom marks the beginning of the third generation of Lindstrom Restoration. Mike started with the company as a Carpentry Laborer in 2006. In 2012, Mike entered the office as an Operations Manager and quickly progressed to President of the company. Mike is a licensed General Contractor in the state of MN, is a EPA Certified Renovator, Holds 4 certifications with the IICRC, and holds a BS in Construction Management from St. Cloud State University. Mike is a husband to his wife Hannah and father to his four children; Eleanor, Zoe, Evelyn, and Dean. Mike’s passions are spending time with his family outdoors and working in a team setting.


Bryan Volk
Bryan Volk found a home at Lindstrom’s in August of 2015.  Bryan brings to the team an extensive 30 years of construction financial pedigree.  Bryan almost instantly fit into our culture of quality employee experience and customer service focus.  Bryan enjoys reading, history, German culture and collecting curios.  Bryan is a proud father, a loving husband and an absolute joy to be around.



Mick Gingerich
Project Manager
Mick has been with Lindstrom’s since 1984 when he was hired by Carl Lindstrom himself. Mick received his undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota, Morris, in Business Economics and Economics. Mick earned his MBA from the University of Minnesota.


Sales / Estimating:

Larry Borgen
Sales Manager
Larry Borgen is new to Lindstrom Restoration but not the industry. Larry has over 20 years of experience in property restoraiton, and another 17 in the insurance industry. He chose Lindstrom because he shares our passion for quality customer service, high ethics and integrity. Larry also teaches business at Normandale Community College in Bloomington and enjoys helping students of all ages, races, religious backgrounds and preferences to achieve their educational goals and career dreams. Larry enjoys jogging, and hacking at golf balls. He is a fan of Minnesota sports as well as the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, whose internationally acclaimed music drowns out the stresses of the world.


Mike Bateman
Master Estimator
Mike started his time with Lindstrom on a hot July day back in 2002. Mike came from 10 years working in customer service, sales, and administration for a word processing company. Mike has been married for over 30 years and has 3 children. Mike enjoys spending his time with his family, water skiing, watching his kids’ sports, watching the MN Wild, and riding his motorcycle.


Jeff Forshee
Jeff has been with Lindstrom since June 2016. He brings 22 years of experience in estimating, project management and team development for both the residential and commercial construction industries. Jeff prides himself in building strong relationships and trust with his customers. He has a high standard for quality and accuracy in his work. Jeff resides in Lakeville with his wife Sarah and daughter Hailey. He enjoys time with his daughter on the ball field and also giving back to the community.


Gary Ladyka
Master Estimator
Gary Ladyka posesses extensive experience in construction, damage restoration, mitigation and insurance repair. With over 20 years industry experience, Gary is an absolute asset to his clients. Gary is passionate about his work as well as his pass time activities.



Hannah Lindstrom
President of Administration – 3rd Generation
Hannah started at Lindstrom’s in March of 2013. Before becoming an important member of the team here, she worked at the St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Brainerd, for 6 years as an Applications Analyst in the medical records department. Hannah has a BS in Health Information Services with a minor in Information Technology. She grew up in St. Cloud, MN and currently enjoys living in sunny Buffalo, MN. Hannah enjoys reading, spending time with her four children, and gardening.div>


Melissa Waudby
Estimating Coordinator
Melissa joined our team in the summer of 2016. Melissa is passionate about customer satisfaction, communication and collaboration. Melissa works between the estimating and operations departments to coordinate and expedite the process.


Carpentry / Construction:

Greg Palm
Master Carpenter – 2nd Generation
Greg palm has been with Lindstrom Restoration for over 35 years. Greg is a second generation carpenter who worked with his father, Barry Palm, as an apprentice for Lindstrom before becoming a Lead Carpenter. Greg has forgotten more about restoration than most of us will ever know. When not boarding up fires in the middle of the night Greg enjoys hunting, playing softball, being a grandfather and protecting our community as a Fire Chief.


Scott DeJarlais
Master Carpenter
Scott DeJarlais joined our team over 25 years ago. Scott approaches every challenge with a can do attitude and a sense of humor. As an accomplished craftsman Scott enjoys challenging mill work projects and has a frightening comfort with heights. Scott enjoys riding motorcycles, skiing, hockey and spending time with his family.


Tony Kramer
Master Carpenter
Tony began work at Lindstrom 20+ years ago as a young cleaner. Someone handed him a sawzall and he never looked back. Tony has a passion for quality work, aggressive timelines, and problem solving.  Tony enjoys spending time with his family in Delano, ice fishing on Minnetonka and snowmobiling when he has the time.


Jason Marshal
Master Carpenter
Jason found a home at Lindstrom over 16 years ago. Jason shares our passion for “doing it right no matter what.” Jason enjoys large, complicated projects such as apartment buildings, large loss residential fires and commercial buildings. Jason is a loving husband and a proud father of his two boys. When not using laser levels and NASA coordinates to get the perfect siding lap, Jason enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing and hanging out with his boys.


Matt Palm
Journeyman Carpenter – 3rd Generation
Matt palm marks the 3rd generation of Palm carpenters. Matt began with Lindstrom on a humid july day 12+ years ago.  Matt has worked his way up from a laborer to an experience and valuable craftsman. Matt enjoys variety in his work and prides himself on customer service. When not installing complimentary shower curtains and temporary blinds for customers returning home for the first time after a fire. Matt enjoys baseball, hunting, being a dad, and protecting our community as a volunteer Plymouth fireman. Matt is a husband, a father and a legacy to our family culture.


Aron Peterson
Journeyman Carpenter
Aron Peterson began at Lindstrom as a valued subcontractor.  Aron joined Lindstrom full time in 2011 and is likely one of the most passionate person you will meet. Aron loves working with customers, telling stories, and making friends. Aron is a great dad to his little girl and an awesome husband. When not supporting homeowners after a tornado, Aron enjoys hollering at his coon hound, dressing up his daughter, and getting outside no matter where it is.


Dylan Stoltz
Apprentice Carpenter
Dylan comes from a restoration family. He started as a fire damage cleaner, pack out technician, and carpet cleaner over 9 years ago. Dylan developed an interest for carpentry and found a real skill for construction. Dylan displays a constant positive attitude and is always up for a new challenge. When not learning new skills from the best carpentry crew in the industry, Dylan enjoys hunting, fishing, music and family.


Painting / Finishing:

Jeff Greene
Master Painter
Jeff Greene has been a restoration painter since it was a thing.  His time with Lindstrom began on a June morning over 7 years ago.  Jeff is a veteran finisher who excels at custom stain matches and fine finishing work.  Jeff loves to hunt, fish and spend time in the outdoors.


Verne Morrow
Master Painter
Verne Morrow is a 9 year member of the Lindstrom painting crew.  Verne is a hard worker and makes quick work of complicated repairs from drywall patch to finish paint.  Verne is a seasoned veteran who has handled restoration projects of all sizes and shapes.  Verne is an avid fisherman, a family man and has only been struck by lightning once.


Steve Zenisek
Master Painter
A 9 year member of the Lindstrom painting team, Steve has an advantage when it comes to painting.  The advantage of never needing a ladder.  Steve enjoys faux finishing, wallpaper and an all around variety in his work.  Steve enjoys golf, fishing and airplanes.


Chad Hannula
Master Painter
Chad joined Lindstrom over 9 years ago.  Chad is a problem solver who approaches things with a can do attitude.  Chad excels at large enamel projects and unique stain match / finishes.  When not antiquing handrails.  Chad enjoys golfing, boating, cruising in his Jeep and enjoying life.


Matt Sarri
Journeyman Painter
Matt has been with Lindstrom for over 8 years.  Matt started as a young painter and has progressed to a full service finisher.  Matt has a great attitude and enjoys the challenges of restoration.  Matt enjoys golf, fishing, spending time with his family and relaxing outdoors.


Kieth Hansen
Master Painter
Kieth is an experienced painter and project manager who joined our team in 2014.  Kieth has an eye for detail and a knack for timelines.  An avid Musky fisherman, Kieth actually hand crafts musky lures.  Kieth loves the outdoors, fishing, spending time with his kids, and relaxing on the lake.


Casey McLeary
Apprentice Painter
Casey joined our team in 2014 as a young painter ready to hone his skills.  Casey has a great smile and strong work ethic.


Drywall Taping / Texture:

Tim Palm
Master Taper – 2nd Generation
Tim began his career taping for a well renowned commercial drywall company.  In 2008, Tim joined the Lindstrom Team and thus joined our second generation ranks.  Tim has a great sense of humor and loves making clients smile.  Tim enjoys hunting, spending time in his hot-tub with family, and volunteering his time as a Mound Firefighter.


Restoration Services:

Andrew Hennen
Journeyman Restoration Tech – 3rd Generation
Andrew Hennen has been with Lindstrom for over 11 years.  Andrew’s grandfather Bob Hennen was Carl Lindstrom’s partner for over 42 years.  Bob was instrumental in helping Carl Lindstrom grow Lindstrom Restoraiton into the success it is today.  Andrew began his time at Lindstrom as a cleaning laborer.  Over the years Andrew has become a passionate and successful restoration cleaning technician and currently manages all of our warehouse and restoration activities.  Andrew lives for fall and Duck season, enjoys snowmobiling, and likes to relax at the cabin.


Adam Lindstrom
Apprentice Restoration Tech – 3rd Generation
Adam began at Lindstrom in 2014.  Adam is 3rd generation and is learning the craft from the ground up.  Adam enjoys making customers feel secure and helping them through the complicated contents inventory process.  Adam enjoys music, mixing, and relaxing outdoors.


Generations and Families:

Greg and Matt Palm
2nd and 3rd Generations


Tim and Carter Palm
2nd and 3rd Generation


Mike and Hannah Lindstrom
3rd Generation Management


Lindstrom, Palm, Hennen and Gingerich
All the legacy Lindstrom Families