Burn Demo Trailer

Contact us today to book our live burn demo trailer for your open house!

Photo Sep 27 2022 12 55 12 PM

We bring a fully furnished trailer set up for close-before-you-doze or sprinklers and all you have to do is put out the fire. There is no cost to your department and we will take the trailer with us to demo and rebuild for the next demonstration.

Eden Prairie 2023 Open House Burn Demonstration

This is a very impactful and educational demonstration. Our side-by-side setup allows your community to see how big of a difference it makes to keep the door closed to your rooms at night, even on such a small scale. It provokes a great fire safety conversation between parents and their children. We can also equip our trailer to show a sprinkler demonstration.

Our current dates that are booked are shown below. Contact us ASAP to get on the schedule!

Burn Demo Calendars 1 August
Burn Demo Calendars 2 September 4
Burn Demo Calendars 3 October 2
Untitled 4 November 2