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Minnesota State-Approved Continuing Education Classes

LIVE CE is back at some of your favorite spots in the Twin Cities area. We have two great State of Minnesota-approved CE Classes ready for you. Register below!

13 Jun 08:00 AM
Until 13 Jun, 04:30 PM 8h 30m


Maple Grove Community Center

Conditions Section of a Homeowner Policy:
MN State #1035667
4 Credits 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

This course delves into crucial aspects of the claims process, with a focus on special conditions. Navigating insurance coverage for damages has become increasingly complex, and traditional carriers lack the tools to enhance this process. Experienced and service-oriented agents are in a great situation to set expectations and improve communication between the adjuster and the policyholders effectively. The course underscores how insurance professionals can genuinely enhance the value of the policies they offer. While the conditions section of a homeowner policy often goes unnoticed, its language typically remains consistent across policies. Armed with an understanding of customer needs, you can provide informed advice on various other policies.

What Agents Should Know about Small Claims Court
MN State #1034974
4 Credits 12:30–4:30 PM
Numerous policyholders today express frustration with the payout and handling of claims, often unaware of potential solutions. Conciliation Court (Small Claims Court) stands as one such remedy. Agents play a vital role in adding value by educating customers about this resolution avenue. This course will offer comprehensive insights into the workings of Small Claims Court and its role in resolving claims disputes. This process is applicable to various scenarios, including disagreements in homeowner claims, auto claims involving uninsured drivers, landlord/tenant disputes, as well as conflicts between HOA Boards and unit owners.
*All classes include continental breakfast, lunch, instruction, certificate, and Sircon credit processing.
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