Fire Damage Champlin

Fire Damage Clean Up in Champlin, MN

fire damage clean up

It seems like fires and floods only happen to strangers.
Unfortunately, that’s not true. It only takes a few short hours to turn your world in Champlin on its head.
When the fire department leaves the scene, it marks only the beginning of the work on your shoulders.
Lindstrom Restoration wants to lift the burden and lift it fast.

As soon as we arrive at your property, we’ll begin the drying process plus deodorization, soot, and smoke removal, and assess the strength of your structure.
Our full fire and flood restoration cleaning techniques are all proven successful, and we will work to return your home to the condition you remember it in before the fire.

Our professionally certified crew works for your family’s safety and the solid preservation of your home, which means no mold, no smell, and no unpleasant secrets beneath the walls. We have over sixty years of experience in fire restoration and perform over 200 restorations per year.

fire damage clean up

Fire, Flood & Smoke Damage Professionals

Contact us today if your home has experienced a flood or fire and if you are in need of services for restoration or fire damage clean up in Champlin or surrounding areas : (763) 544-8761

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