Fire Damage Apple Valley

Fire Damage Repair in Apple Valley, MN

fire damage repair in apple valley

Finding a company for restoration and fire damage repair in Apple Valley doesn’t need to be difficult. For all of your fire damage repair needs, contact the pros at Lindstrom Restoration.

Seeing a home that has been destroyed by a fire is a sight that no one wishes to see, especially if it’s your own home. If your home or business in Apple Valley has experienced damage caused by a runaway fire, know that there are steps you can take towards rescuing the interior of your home. The aftermath of a house fire often includes blackened walls, flooded areas, strong and harmful odors, and ruined carpet and finishes.

It may feel that you have lost everything, but our professionals at Lindstrom Restoration are committed to bringing homes back to their previous livable state by providing fire damage repair services. Once you call us, we will show up immediately at your property ready to work.
We perform emergency board-ups, soot residue removal, cleaning, and deodorizing. Our team will work efficiently and safely to ensure that your home is properly restored.

In order to help and service all who have experienced fire damage, we work with all insurance companies and have been performing fire damage repair in Apple Valley and surrounding areas for over 65 years.
We approach every fire damage restoration project with our four-step process of initial response, remediation, estimate approval, and complete restoration. Our team also provides quality water damage restoration services in Apple Valley. We are proud to service the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, including Apple Valley.

fire damage repair in apple valley

Long Term Effects

Fires can have many detrimental long-term effects on your home or business in Apple Valley, including:

  • Structural Damage – When a fire ravages your building, it causes severe damage to everything inside, including furniture and cabinetry. Fires may even destabilize your house or workplace by weakening your walls, floors, and other structures, placing your building at risk of collapse.
  • Water Damage – When water is used to suppress a fire, it can cause additional damage to your building. Like fire, water can weaken structures within your building and also presents the opportunity for mold growth unless dried out quickly.
  • Smoke Stench – The pungent smell of smoke will linger in your building long after a fire has been extinguished, and can be extremely unpleasant unless thoroughly deodorized.
  • Soot Stains – Even if the fire did not reach a particular room in your home or business, soot and smoke produced by the fire can create stains on your ceiling and walls that are very difficult to get rid of.

fire damage repair in apple valley

Local Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Company

If you have a home or business that is in need of fire damage repair, call our professionals to begin the process of restoring your property.

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