Fire Damage Chaska

Fire Damage Repair in Chaska, MN

fire damage repair in chaska

Are you looking for a reputable company for restoration and fire damage repair in Chaska? Lindstrom Restoration can help.

Your Chaska home is your safe place, your center of operations, and when it experiences the unfortunate situation of a fire, the feeling that follows is indescribable.
Although fire or flood has stolen so much, the sooner you call the fire restoration professionals at Lindstrom Restoration the more we can save.

During our yearly average of 200 fire restorations, we continue honing our skills and providing the highest quality fire repair and restoration services.

If you’re in need of fire restoration services in Chaska, Lindstrom restoration can help if you need a full rebuild restoration.

We can also assist if you only need a fresh coat of paint or new carpet after deodorization. We are professionally certified in fire cleaning and deodorization, and it doesn’t matter if the job is big or small. We can also provide high-quality water damage restoration services in Chaska as well.

Restoration & Fire Damage Repair in Chaska

It’s critical to extinguish a fire inside your building in Chaska immediately but even when a fire is suppressed in a few minutes, it can have a number of long-term impacts on your building, such as:

  • Structural Damage – Fires will destroy furniture, carpeting, and cabinets and they can also cause critical damage to the structures of your building.
    Floors and walls may be weakened by the heat of the fire, greatly reducing their structural integrity.
  • Water Damage – Water is often used for fire suppression but if that water lingers in your house or business for too long, it can cause additional damage.
    If water seeps into wooden structures, it will weaken them substantially, and damp wood will grow harmful mold and bacteria.
  • Smoke Stench – Smoke is one of the most permeating smells there is, and it will linger in your furniture and carpets unless you completely air out your building.
  • Soot Stains – Walls and ceilings are often discolored by soot during a fire, and these black stains can be permanent unless cleaned thoroughly.

fire damage repair in chaska

Experienced Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

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