Fire Damage Edina

Fire Damage Repair in Edina, MN

fire damage repair in edina

In the unfortunate event that your home experiences a fire, it can be hard to know what to do once the fire department leaves. The fire may have been put out, but what remains is a house full of puddles, shredded walls and ceilings, and a strong odor from the smoke.

Where do you start? At Lindstrom Restoration, we have been performing fire damage repairs for over 60 years and have served cities in and around the West Metro. If you are in need of fire damage repair in Edina, our techniques are proven to work fast, so that you can get back to enjoying your home in no time.

Our four-step process is as follows: initial response, remediation, estimate approval, and complete restoration. We always thoroughly dry your home and deodorize it to evacuate any trace of soot in the air and we also have a three-year workmanship warranty. Fire and flood damage repair can be a long and painful process, but it doesn’t have to be!

fire damage repair in edina

Fire Damage Repair in Edina

Fires don’t just cause huge amounts of initial damage. An inferno can also create some long-term problems for your home or business in Edina. Some of the main effects of fire and smoke damage include:

  • Structural Damage – Fire damage is more than skin deep. Even if your walls and floors remain intact, there may be structural damage under the surface. If this damage isn’t addressed, your floors or walls may collapse at a later date.
  • Water Damage – Water from fire hoses can also cause damage even though it extinguishes the initial blaze. If the water doesn’t dry sufficiently, it can trigger the development of mold. Water can also weaken structures like floors and walls in a similar way to fire.
  • Smoke Stench – Smoke has an overpowering smell that can remain even after the fire has been dealt with. The stench is oppressive and may even exacerbate allergies like asthma. Buildings in Edina must be thoroughly deodorized to remove the stench of smoke.
  • Soot Stains – Smoke and soot leave behind thick black stains on ceilings and walls, even in rooms that survived the fire. It can be extremely difficult to remove these stains from your property in Edina.

fire damage repair in edina

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration

At Lindstrom Restoration, our techniques are both efficient and worry-free. Call one of our professionals if you are looking for fire damage repair in Edina, MN: (763) 544-8761.


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