Fire Damage Excelsior

Fire Damage Repair in Excelsior, MN

fire damage repair in excelsior

If a home or business experiences a fire, there are a number of steps property owners should take in order to salvage the property and its belongings. To repair fire and smoke damage, the incident should first be reported to your insurance company as soon as possible. The insurance company should be able to guide you on certain safety precautions when boarding up doors and windows and pumping out water.

After you contact your insurance company, that’s where we come in. As a trusted partner to victims of fire damage, we are able to answer any questions and solve problems related to fire restoration.

We have restored fire-damaged homes and businesses for over 60 years and have a process that is proven and efficient. To prevent further damage, we will begin securing your Excelsior home upon arrival by boarding up all windows and doors as needed.

Not only do we repair the damage, but we also are certified in fire cleaning and deodorization, meaning that we have all the necessary equipment to rid your home of the strong odor that is left behind by smoke.
After we leave your home, you can rest assured with our three-year warranty which includes everything minus general wear and tear.

Restoration and Fire Damage Repair in Excelsior

When a fire ravages your residential or commercial property in Excelsior, it can be devastating. To make matters worse, fire and smoke damage can have long-term effects such as:

  • Structural Damage – The destructive force of a fire can inflict structural damage on all surviving ceilings, floors, and walls. This damage can be difficult to spot with the naked eye but can put your building in Excelsior at risk of total collapse.
  • Water Damage – When water is used to put out a fire, you may think that the worst is over. Unfortunately, water from fire hoses can cause structural damage on par with the fire itself. Water can also encourage the growth of mold if your building doesn’t dry out properly.
  • Smoke Odor – Any surviving furnishings or walls can be contaminated with the offensive smell of smoke. This odor may trigger allergic reactions if you suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems. To remove the odor, your building in Excelsior should be deodorized extensively.
  • Soot Stains – During a fire, thick black soot coats ceilings, floors, and walls. These black deposits are exceptionally difficult to remove.

fire damage repair in excelsior

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services

If you are in need of restoration and fire damage repair in Excelsior, our professionals are available 24/7 and are always willing to help restore homes. Contact us today to speak to our professionals in Excelsior. Call our team at (763) 544-8761.

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