Fire Damage Lakeville

Fire Damage Repair in Lakeville, MN

fire damage repair in lakeville

After an unfortunate house fire situation, you may wonder if your home in Lakeville can ever return to its former self, the blackened walls and heavy odor of smoke inside bring many more questions than answers.
But don’t give up on your home – give Lindstrom Restoration a chance to restore it to its former glory.

Call us at any hour of the day, and we’ll get there to start the time-sensitive cleanup.
Complete draining of flooded rooms, full drying to prevent future mold, demolition, and re-framing are all skills we possess. And when we are finished, you won’t be able to smell a hint of smoke.

If you’re in need of fire damage repair in Lakeville, our team knows the importance of their job, and we have an efficient system for fire restoration: initial response, remediation, estimate approval, and complete restoration.

We have a three-year workmanship warranty for everything but general wear and tear, as we value your happiness with the finished product.

fire damage repair in lakeville mn

Common Effects of Fire & Smoke Damage in Lakeville, MN

Recovering from the devastation of a fire on your property in Lakeville isn’t easy. Fire and smoke damage from the blaze may cause long-term problems such as:

  • Structural Damage – Any ceilings or walls that survive the inferno may have unseen structural damage. If this isn’t identified, these surviving structures may collapse at a later date, putting you and your family at risk.
  • Water Damage – Although water is vital to putting out a fire, it can still cause long-term damage. If the water doesn’t dry correctly from surviving structures, you could have to deal with extensive mold problems. Water can also weaken structures like ceilings or walls.
  • Smoke Odor – Smoke odor can persist long after a fire has been put out. This odor can seep into surviving furnishings and may cause problems for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions. Deodorize your building in Lakeville to remove the smell.
  • Soot Stains – Soot stains are one of the most obvious reminders of a fire. Black soot deposits are caused by smoke while the fire burns and can be extremely hard to remove.

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