Fire Damage Maplewood

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Maplewood, MN

fire damage restoration services

Cleaning up a mess is never a fun task, but when the mess is fire damage to your home or business it magnifies the anguish and makes the process long and difficult. At Lindstrom Restoration, we specialize in coming alongside families and businesses in their immediate need to address their fire-damaged property.

For over 60 years we have provided high-quality fire damage restoration services to those in need, and we’re proud to offer the same to the community of Maplewood, MN.

With homes and a business of our own, we understand the importance your property has in your everyday life. That’s why our certified professionals work with diligence to clean up your home or business and make it look new.
We work hard to rid your property of smoke-stained and charred walls, ceilings, or carpet in order to present it back to you with no trace of damage.

Along with these fire restoration services, we perform board-ups, soot residue removal, and deodorizing services for fire and flood-damaged properties. Also, if you encounter an emergency situation and need immediate service, you can call us at any hour of the day for our high-quality 24/7 repair services.

fire damage restoration services

Common Effects of Fire & Smoke Damage in Maplewood, MN

Picking up the pieces after a fire has ravaged your property in Maplewood can be upsetting. However, the danger isn’t over yet; fire and smoke damage could have long-term safety and health ramifications if not dealt with properly. Common effects of fire and smoke damage include:

  • Structural Damage – Fire can leave surviving structures, like ceilings, floors and walls, of your property in Maplewood weakened and vulnerable to collapse later on. This is a huge danger to anyone inside your building.
  • Water Damage – Although water puts out the fire, it can have negative effects in the long term. If water soaks into walls and ceilings, you could end up with severe mold problems. Water damage can also structurally weaken your property.
  • Smoke Odor – Not only is smoke stench an unpleasant reminder of a fire, but it can also pose a health risk. Smoke odor collects on surviving surfaces and may induce asthma attacks. Thoroughly deodorize your building in Maplewood to remove the odor.
  • Soot Stains – As a fire burns, soot particles coat surfaces like ceilings or walls. These ugly black stains are difficult to remove and require the services of a professional cleaning company.

Experienced Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Services

Is your Maplewood property needing fire damage repair or flood damage restoration? Call Lindstrom Restoration today!

Fire Damage Restoration