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Fire Restoration in Minnesota

fire restoration
As the Twin City’s leading fire restoration and repair professionals, Lindstrom Restoration is proud to serve the Mendota Heights, MN community. For over 60 years we have worked alongside families who have gone through the tragic experience of losing pieces of their home to fire damage. We bring back new life to homes by successfully repairing all damage that was left behind by the fire.

With the help of our top-notch certified professionals, we will work to clean up your burnt and smoke-stained walls, ceilings, and other items in order to bring your home back and look its best. Also, if your home has been affected by flood damage, our professionals will completely drain and dry the area to prevent mold development.

At the completion of our fire repair services, we are proud to leave no trace of fire or flood damage so you can return to the peace of mind you had prior to your house’s damage. If a situation occurs where you need immediate fire damage assistance, our 24/7 emergency service is ready to respond. Our method of repair and restoration has continually proven to be successful over the span of 60 years.

fire restoration

Common Effects of Fire & Smoke Damage

Even if your residential or commercial property survives a fire, there could be long-term problems hiding under the surface. These problems can threaten both your health and the structural integrity of your building. The main effects of fire and smoke damage include:

  • Structural Damage – Fires can severely weaken structural features such as ceilings, floors, and walls. Although the damage isn’t obvious, these structures may collapse later on. This is a grave risk to everyone in your home or business.
  • Water Damage – Fire hoses can cause lingering water damage to your property in Mendota Heights. Water damage can trigger mold outbreaks, which can cause long-term health issues. Water from fire hoses also causes structural damage.
  • Smoke Odor – Smoke odor can cause health issues later on, especially if someone suffers from asthma or other related conditions. Your building in Mendota Heights must be thoroughly deodorized to remove smoke odor and avoid these problems.
  • Soot Stains – Soot stains are black deposits of soot particles, which are dangerous if inhaled. These stains are difficult to get rid of unless a professional cleaning company is brought in.

Trusted Fire Restoration in Mendota Heights & Surrounding Areas

If you need your Twin Cities home or business restored from prior fire or flood damage, call the professionals at Lindstrom Restoration today!

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