December: Holiday Fire Prevention Tips

Top 3 Holiday Fire Prevention Tips

Cold weather, snowflakes and the Holiday Season is officially upon us. We know that the kitchen is bustling, the furnace is turned up and things get a little more hectic around this time of year. Unfortunately, the holiday season is one of the busiest times for fire departments around the state. By taking some time to remind our customers about the possible dangers of the holiday season, our hope is to spread joy and safety this year.

Christmas trees: Christmas trees start 160 fires annually across the US, resulting in an average of over $10 million in direct property damages. Additionally, Christmas tree fires have a much higher death rate than those of regular house fires.

Candles: One of the leading causes of home fires, and the holiday season is no exception. The US experiences 22 home candle fires every day during the year, with its two biggest spikes on Christmas and Christmas Day. Keep candles away from furniture, bedding, curtains, decorations or other flammable items.

Cooking: What are the top three days for home cooking fire occurrences? Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. Make sure you stay in the room when your stove burners are on, and be aware of your surroundings. During the holidays some people cook turkeys in oil. Make sure you do this outside and the turkey is well thawed out.


Twin Cities MN Fire Damage Restoration

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