February: Ice Dams

How To Prevent Ice Dams In Minnesota

Living in a state like Minnesota ensures that we see our fair share of snow for at least part of the year. Whether you are a fan of the winter season or not, snow can really wreak havoc on our homes, specifically our roofs.

During this time of year, we see a huge uptick in ice dam reports in our area. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of the roof line and prevents melted snow (water) from running off the roof.
With nowhere to go, that water can back up and get into our walls, ceilings, attic insulation, and other areas of your home.

Ice dams can be a costly and damaging occurrence, so it is in a homeowner’s best interest to take a few steps to help mitigate the ice build-up before it becomes a problem.

how to prevent ice dams in minnesota

Top Tips on How to Prevent Ice Dams in Minnesota:

Temporary Ice Dam Solutions:

  1. Remove snow from the roof using a roof rake or a push broom.
  2. Steam ice build-up off the roof edge

Long Term Ice Dam Solutions:

  1. Make the attic airtight to ensure that warm/moist air can’t flow from the house into the attic. A warm attic creates ‘hot spots’ and will melt certain areas of roof snow, creating ice dams.
  2. Insulate the living space well enough to prevent the passing of heat through the ceiling.

how to prevent ice dams in minnesota

Quick Facts About Ice Dams

  • It doesn’t take much moisture to form an ice dam, they can form from any amount of snow or ice build-up
  • Ice dams can be easily identified by the icicles hanging from a gutter or roof
  • The slope or pitch of your roof matters when it comes to incurred loss from ice dams. A lower pitch roof can cause significant damage with just a 1” thin ice dam

how to prevent ice dams in minnesota

Ice Damage Restoration Services

Information on how to prevent ice dams in Minnesota is helpful before the damage happens however, sometimes you need help after the damage has occurred.
If you’ve recently experienced ice dam damage, contact the professionals at Lindstrom Restoration for ice dam restoration services today! Our team of expert ice dam damage repair professionals will provide you with high-quality repair and restoration services. Call our crew today! 763.544.8761