March: Spring

Ready or not, here she comes!

After a cold and long winter, the first day of spring, March 20th, is long awaited by most of Minnesota’s
residents. With the longer days and chirping birds, the rising temperatures of spring start to melt our
seasonal white groundcover creating an excess of water. There are a few things that a homeowner should do to prepare their homes for the transition between spring and winter and prep for the wet months ahead:

1) Inspect your sump pump: A sump pump collects excess ground water and keeps it from entering your basement, gets rid of standing water along the foundation and prevents basement dampness.
Spring is a great time to inspect your pump to make sure it is free of debris, pump is running
smoothly and ensure the float and discharge pipe are free
of mud, rodent nests and rocks. Installing a battery backup on your sump pump in case of power failure due to a storm is also highly recommended.

2) Egress windows: Make sure that the window wells for your egress windows are debris free and the drainage pipe out to your drain tile is not obstructed. Also, place a cover over the window well to ensure that additional rain water doesn’t get in.

3) Ground slope: Ensuring that your ground slopes away from your foundation is detrimental for shedding that excess water
in the spring.

Things to Consider:

  • The melting snow isn’t the only cause of an influx of water. Spring storms can drop several inches of precipitation in a matter of hours.
  • Standing water in your home needs to be dried immediately. If water is allowed to sit for more than 72 hours, advanced water damage (i.e. mold) is possible.