Fire Damage Richfield

Professional Fire Restoration in Richfield, MN

professional fire restoration

Need a trustworthy fire damage repair company in Richfield? Look no further.

Your home has experienced a fire and it’s time to face the aftermath. Once it is safe to enter your home again, you’ll likely notice discoloration, strong odors, interior damage, and electrical damage. This is something no homeowner wants to experience but is an unfortunate reality for some.

At Lindstrom Restoration, we are committed to repairing and restoring homes while also caring for our customers during this difficult time. If you’ve found that the fire has destroyed irreplaceable possessions in your home, give us a call before you lose hope.
We follow a trusted four-step process that has proven successful for over 60 years: initial response, remediation, estimate approval, and complete restoration.

Smoke can get trapped in clothing, carpets, and furniture if not properly cleaned and deodorized by professionals. At Lindstrom Restoration, we are certified in fire deodorization and cleaning to make sure that there is no trace or sign of odor left from smoke.

When we arrive at the scene, we’ll begin by covering all windows, doors, and other openings and begin pumping out water. Once completed, your home will feel like yours again and you’ll also receive a three-year workmanship warranty.

professional fire restoration

Professional Fire Restoration

At Lindstrom Restoration, we are committed to helping homeowners feel valued in the midst of devastation. If you are in need of fire damage restoration in Richfield, call us today at (763) 544-8761.


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