Water Damage – Brooklyn Center

Water Damage Restoration in Brooklyn Center

restoration in brooklyn center

Has water damage made a mess out of your home or business in the Brooklyn Center area? Putting out a fire, broken pipes, and flooding from intense thunderstorms are common causes of water damage. Luckily for you, the specialists at Lindstrom Restoration have dealt with it all.
Our staff has more than sixty years of experience with remediating water damage in both private homes and commercial settings.

If you bring in our team within two to three days of the damaging incident, we’ll have much more success in restoring your house or your office. Lindstrom is ready to respond to emergencies all day, every day, 365 days a year.

We know that speed is the key to success, so our specialists aim to reach your location within eighty minutes of being called. We use a variety of specialized equipment to dry off your water-ravaged residence or workplace in a timely manner before cleaning further to keep the damage from soaking in and to prevent mildew and mold from growing.

When entering a water-damaged structure, beware of falling objects, exposed electrical wires, and raw sewage in the water. If you see anything like this, let our response team know so that they can protect both you and themselves.

restoration in brooklyn center

Experienced Water Damage Restoration in Brooklyn Center, MN

Water damage can destroy the integrity of a building, making it a safety hazard and costing you thousands over time. Don’t try to solve the problem by yourself and don’t despair either; bring in the pros.

Call up Lindstrom Restoration today for speedy yet thorough service that will restore even the worst of water damage to your Brooklyn Center home or business!