Water Damage – Hopkins

Water Damage Repair in Hopkins

Do you require water damage repair and restoration in Hopkins?

Using hoses to extinguish a fire, pipes bursting, and flooding from heavy rainfall are among the most common sources of water damage in Hopkins. If one of these situations or any other has caused damage to your house or business, you should seek assistance from a water damage restoration company.

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Expert Water Damage Restoration

Lindstrom Restoration has spent 60 years repairing water damage to commercial and residential buildings in Hopkins, and in that time we have mastered our techniques. For the best results, call in our technicians within 48 to 72 hours of when the damage occurred.

Lindstrom’s professionals are on call for emergencies around the clock, every day of the week.
A speedy response allows us to clear up water damage before mold and mildew can grow, so we try to respond to emergency situations within 80 minutes. With our high-tech equipment, our talented team will work quickly to dry and clean out your home or office before restoring all damage.

If you have to go inside a water-damaged building, keep an eye out for objects that might fall, electrical sockets or appliances at water level, and raw sewage. Our experts will work quickly to make your Hopkins property safe for entry, so please notify them of any major hazards; that way they can be our first priority.

water damage repair in hopkins

#1 Restoration Company for Water Damage Repair in Hopkins

If your property has been ravaged by water damage, it’s important to clean up the mess before it leads to more severe problems. Give Lindstrom Restoration a call today for reliable water damage restoration services in the Hopkins area!