Water Damage – Golden Valley

Home Water Damage in Golden Valley, MN

home water damage

If you’ve recently experienced water damage in your home or commercial property in Golden Valley, you know how difficult the clean-up and restoration work will be. However, by enlisting the help of Lindstrom Restoration, you won’t have to worry about the hard tasks.
Instead, our crew is highly specialized in restoring and repairing properties that have experienced water damage due to extinguished fires, natural disasters, or water pipe failures.

No matter how the water damage occurred, it’s very important to address the situation in a timely manner. While you may want to get back into your home or office, the property needs to be able to fully recover from the event to ensure that mold and mildew doesn’t begin to grow in affected areas.

Additionally, in the time directly after the water event, it’s important to operate and move with care while you’re figuring out the water damage situation. During this time, remember to move with care due to various dangers that can occur. A few threats include:

  • Electrocution via electric appliances having contact with water
  • Falling objects
  • Coming into contact with raw sewage
  • Weakened structures
  • Etc.

home water damage

Trusted Home Water Damage Repairs

If you’re needing reliable and high-quality assistance when dealing with your water damage event, contact the water damage restoration professionals at Lindstrom Restoration. With over 60 years of experience serving businesses and homes in the Twin Cities area, our team will use their knowledge and experience to produce incredible results for your property in the Golden Valley as well. Call today!