Water Damage – Mendota Heights

Professional Restoration Company for Water Damage in Mendota Heights, MN

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Are you seeking a professional restoration company for water damage services in Mendota Heights?

If you have suffered from water damage at your home or workplace in Mendota Heights, it is important to enlist the help of a professional restoration company. Common causes of serious water damage include frozen pipes which burst upon thawing out and rising flood waters resulting from torrential rainstorms.

Elite Water Damage Restoration

Lindstrom Restoration has the expertise to restore your property to good condition after it sustains severe water damage. Bring us to your home or office in Mendota Heights within three days of flooding so that we can remediate your damages before mold has a chance to start growing.

Lindstrom’s specialists work hard to get your property dry, clean, and repaired as soon as possible.
When you call us to report a flood on your property in Mendota Heights, we’ll try to get there in 80 minutes or less. Our emergency water damage repairs will make use of all our premium tools to restore your building as thoroughly as we can.

Entering a water-damaged building is not something to take lightly, but our team will make sure you are safe. We’ve seen how dangerous it can be when ceilings collapse or electricity outlets send surges into the floodwater, so we’ll be sure to immediately neutralize these threats before restoring water damage at your Mendota Heights property.

professional restoration company

The Most Effective Water Damage Remediation in Mendota Heights

Repairing major water damage on your property is not a challenge you should try to tackle on your own. Get in touch with Lindstrom Restoration today for dependable water damage restoration services in the Mendota Heights area!