Water Damage – Maplewood

Water Damage Contractors in Maplewood, MN

water damage contractors

Are you looking for water damage contractors for repairs in Maplewood or surrounding areas?

Major water damage is not only a huge mess, but it can be costly. Flooding from burst pipes, fire extinguishing, and heavy rain can all cause extensive property damage. If you’ve experienced such damage at your residential or commercial property in Maplewood, then turn to one of our professional restoration services for help restoring them back into shape!

Water Damage Contractors for Restoration

Contact Lindstrom Restoration to get your water damage repair work done before it’s too late. Our team will be on-site as soon as possible, and we’ll make sure everything is taken care of properly so your home or workplace won’t be irreparably damaged by flooding.

The Lindstrom team is on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and we do our best to answer emergency requests within 80 minutes of your call. Our specialists work quickly to clean out and dry off your damaged home or workplace so that mold and mildew don’t have a chance to start growing.
We have over 60 years of experience in our field, which means that our team can restore all water damages even when it seems like your property in Maplewood is devastated beyond repair.

When inside a building in Maplewood that has suffered water damage, keep your guard up. Check for exposed electrical outlets and large objects that might collapse before going any further into a flooded space so you don’t get injured. Notify our team immediately if these kinds of threats are spotted – we’ll take care of them first every time.

water damage contractors

Maplewood’s Most Reliable Water Damage Repairs

Water damages are often difficult and time-consuming to remove. If your house or office is flooded, don’t try cleaning it up yourself. Call up Lindstrom Restoration today for efficient water damage restoration services in the Maplewood area!